Latex Membranes

Membranes for sample preparation are made from non-porous latex rubber. Length varies according to sample diameter. All have sufficient length to enclose full length of sample, both top and base of pedestal, and disc—plus enough surplus to allow doubling over the O-rings. 12/pkg. Membranes are 0.012" in thickness.

Image shown is HM-4180.28.

35mm, 1.4" Latex Membranes— HM-4180.14

38mm, 1.5" Latex Membranes— HM-4180.15

50mm, 2.0" Latex Membranes— HM-4180.20

70mm, 2.8" Latex Membranes— HM-4180.28

100mm, 4.0" Latex Membranes— HM-4180.40

150mm, 6.0" Latex Membranes— HM-4180.60

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