35mm Porous Stone

35mm Porous Stone—Used for permeability and triaxial testing to allow even distribution of water through sample. Two stones required per cell, each 1/4” thick (6mm).

35mm Porous Stone—HM-4184.35

38mm Porous Stone—HM-4184.38

50mm Porous Stone—HM-4184.50

70mm Porous Stone—HM-4184.70

100mm Porous Stone—HM-4184.100

150mm Porous Stone—HM-4184.150

1.4" Porous Stone—HM-4184.14

1.5" Porous Stone—HM-4184.15

2.0" Porous Stone—HM-4184.20

2.8" Porous Stone—HM-4184.28

4.0" Porous Stone—HM-4184.40

6.0" Porous Stone—HM-4184.60

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