Brief Introduction:


iBrin-413Z three indenters two objectives digital Brinell hardness tester adopts precise structure design and the load of test force is controlled by the sensor, which makes the whole structure compact and loading of test force stable and accurate.
The test process is controlled by CPU, using automatic turret between the objectives and the indenters. The positioning of turret adopts mechanical and electronic double matching, makes higher precise positioning.
1. 10 steps loading force and 13 kinds of Brinell testing scale;
2. Motorized turret among three indenters and two objectives;
3. Pre-set the dwell time of test force and regulate the luminosity of light source;
4. Automatically display the testing indentation length, hardness value and testing numbers;

5. Support hardness Conversion;
6. Test results can be saved for reviewing or be printed out by the built-in printer, and with RS232 interface transfer to computer.
7. optional video measuring device and CCD image automatic measuring system.
Application range:
Suitable for cast iron, steel products, nonferrous metals and soft alloys etc. Also suitable for some nonmetal materials such as rigid plastics and bakelite etc.

Technical Specification:

Model iBrin-413Z
Test Force kgf 62.5kgf, 100kgf, 125kgf, 187.5kgf, 250kgf, 500kgf, 750kgf, 1000kgf, 1500kgf, 3000kgf
N 612.9N, 980.7N, 1226N, 1839N, 2452N, 4903N, 7355N, 9807N, 14710N, 29420N
Test Range 3.18~653HBW
Loading Method Automatic (Loading/Dwell/Unloading)
Hardness Reading LCD Display
Conversion Scale HV, HK, HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRK, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T, HS
Data Output Built-in Printer, RS232 Interface
Turret Automatic (Three Indenters, Two Objectives)
Objective 1X, 2X
Eyepiece 20X
Total Magnification 20X, 40X
Resolution 1.25μm, 0.625μm
Dwell Time 0~60s
Vertical Space 260mm
Throat 150mm
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz/1Ph, AC110V/60Hz/1Ph
Execute Standard ISO 6506, ASTM E10-12, JIS Z2243, GB/T 231.2
Dimension 535×260×890mm, Packing Dimension: 820×460×1170mm
Weight Net Weight: 150kg, Gross Weight: 180kg

Packing List:

Name Qty Name Qty
Instrument Main Body 1 set 20X Digital Measuring Eyepiece 1 pc
1X, 2X Objective each 1 pc Ф2.5mm, Ф5mm, Ф10mm
Ball Indenter
each 1 pc
Small Plane Test Table 1 pc Large Plane Test Table 1 pc
V-shaped Test Table 1 pc Power Cable 1 pc
Hardness Block
150~250 HBW10/3000
1 pc Hardness Block
150~250 HBW5/750
1 pc
Fuse 2A 2 pcs Anti-dust Cover 1 pc
Instruction Manual 1 copy    

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